Ira Kaplan: Five Songs I Love Right Now

The Yo La Tengo singer on five songs he loves, from the Afro Blues Quintet to Gastr Del Sol

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Gastr del Sol, "The Seasons Reverse" 

That's just a perfect song. I initially became aware of David Grubbs when he was in Squirrel Bait. The music he made after that was less accessible. I remember having difficult accessing it, but I was eventually given a copy of this record, and I put it on expecting to be challenged by it. I did know how talented both he and Jim O'Rourke are. I think it's Grubbs himself playing this really hypnotic acoustic guitar part on this song.

At the end, it morphs into this field recording he made in France when he saw these kids setting off firecrackers. When they are aware he's watching them, they get nervous and think they're doing something wrong, so they stop, and he's trying to tell them to keep going. But they don't speak English and he doesn't speak French. You hear this whole tableau occurring, and then the song kind of fades out. It's a really cool ending to a great song.

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