Ira Kaplan: Five Songs I Love Right Now

The Yo La Tengo singer on five songs he loves, from the Afro Blues Quintet to Gastr Del Sol

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Benny Spellman, "I Feel Good" 

Benny Spelllman is best known for a record he didn't make: He's the voice going "My mother in-law" on Ernie K-Doe's record of the same name. I guess there was some bitterness that Ernie didn't credit him on the record. There's a lot of other Benny Spellman records where he sings in that cadence and melody to remind you that he's the guy. Anyway, Allen Toussaint is the man behind a lot of his records and writing. He produced them and sang on them as well. He's not really talked about much as a singer, but his great voice just comes through. You can really hear him loud, doing the backups on this great, uptempo R&B song

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