Ira Kaplan: Five Songs I Love Right Now

The Yo La Tengo singer on five songs he loves, from the Afro Blues Quintet to Gastr Del Sol

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Antietam, "Birdwatching"

Antietam have been our pals as long as our band existed. Our first show ever was at Maxwell's [the Hoboken, N.J. music venue]. We threw a party and Yo La Tengo played and Antietam played. It might have been their third show. Tara Key, their guitar player, was the fourth member of our group when we appeared in I Shot Andy Warhol as the Velvet Underground. We've covered their songs over the years. Even more importantly than any of that, we're always been very inspired by the way those guys have continued to churn out new and interesting music with very little support from an audience. It seemingly doesn't deter them one bit, which is pretty amazing. This is an instrumental, which is exciting because Tara just wails on the guitar. She goes nuts.

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