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Watch Will Ferrell Reprise George W. Bush Impersonation to Trash Trump

“America, don’t let that sack of rotten sweet potatoes anywhere near the White House,” Dubya says of Republican nominee on ‘@midnight’

Will Ferrell resurrected his George W. Bush impersonation on Tuesday night’s episode of @midnight to defend his cousin Billy Bush, the then-Access Hollywood reporter featured on the infamous 2005 leaked tape, and trash Donald Trump.

“I’d just like to say something about my cousin Billy Bush. He’s been in the news a lot lately, him and that disgraced pumpkin Donald Trump, talking on that bus. And I just want to say one thing,” the former president said.

“We Bushes don’t act like that, OK? We have standards. And we’re raised a certain way. And we would never, under any circumstances, ride a bus. When you’re a Bush, you ride in a limousine or a Jumpjet, or maybe a monster truck called the Sasquatch Express. But never a bus.”

Host Chris Hardwick then asked Dubya if he, like many of his fellow Republicans, has stopped supporting Trump. “This dunderhead is making me look great,” “Bush” said of the candidate. “I invaded Iraq over WMDs that weren’t there. I destabilized an entire region, but no one seems to care anymore. Thanks to the bozo Trump here, folks have forgotten about how I tanked the economy or how I didn’t get bin Laden. Heck, even Kanye West said I hated hurricanes.”

“Bush” added that Trump is “a dangerous man.” “And now he’s saying the election’s rigged. The only thing that’s rigged is that stuffed Chupacabra on top of his head,” he said. “I don’t know how he keeps it on there but I sure hope Hillary knocks it off.”

However, if Trump manages to win the election, Dubya has a contingency plan. “If Trump takes this thing, Laura and I have a very comfortable underground bunker we can move to,” “Bush” said. “I’m gonna be down there with Princess Kate and Nolan Ryan while society gets overrun with wild dogs and racists. My advice is, ‘Don’t let that happen, America.’ Don’t let that sack of rotten sweet potatoes anywhere near the White House.”

While “Bush” wouldn’t outright endorse Hillary Clinton, Ferrell himself is a staunch supporter of the Democratic nominee, even campaigning on behalf of Clinton in Nevada during the primaries.

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