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Watch Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Hound Trump Voters on ‘Conan’

In bonus segment from D.C. inauguration, Robert Smigel’s cigar-smoking pooch blasted president’s supporters on Russia allegations, Obamacare

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog already skewered the Trump inauguration for a Conan remote piece, but he delivered too many dark punchlines for one episode. In a series of equally hilarious bonus outtakes from the D.C. segment, Robert Smigel and his cigar-smoking pooch puppet mocked Trump supporters about the president’s alleged Russian ties, his plan to dismantle Obamacare and more.

“It’s ridiculous, the idea that Trump would pay Russian hookers to urinate on each other,” Triumph said. “I mean, honestly, since when does Trump pay people what he owes them?” Seconds later, confused by a man who “always” supports the president, he cracked, “Do you own a doomsday bunker construction company?”

After sarcastically blasting the Affordable Care Act, Triumph asked, “What insurance company do you use, BlueCross or Burning Cross? You get it? They’re all racists.” He also targeted Vice-President Pence, joking, “The swearing-in has to be tough on Mike Pence. He thinks two guys putting their hands on the same bible is a homosexual act.”

In his sharpest verbal takedown, Triumph aimed at Breitbart News, former home base for Trump’s Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon. “They’re independent,” he said, fake-praising the website. “They’re not weighed down by corporate management or codes of ethics or facts or human decency or a readership that can read.”


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