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Watch Tom Hanks Perform ‘Kid Theater’ ‘Bridge of Spies’ on ‘Fallon’

Actor joins ‘Tonight Show’ host for goofy game, acting out scenes written by elementary school kids based on title

Bridge of Spies unites a dream team of directing (Steven Spielberg), writing (the Coen Brothers) and acting (Tom Hanks) for an intense period thriller. But in the hands of elementary school kids, the title inspires goofier results. Hanks joined Jimmy Fallon for a round of “Kid Theater” during Thursday’s Tonight Show, performing scenes written by children who were only provided the movie name. 

The first scenario finds Hanks playing the role of “Spy,” with Fallon as “Man.” When Fallon’s character questions what a “bridge of spies” could be, Hanks tells him, “Go away, we’re spying … The bridge is too full of spies already. There’s not room for any more.” The two begin spying on each other, with surprising results. 

The second scene finds “Joe” (Fallon) continuously mistaking “Margaret” (Hanks) for his brother, Tim. Here, the title bridge is being literally constructed by taping spies together in “China or something” because “they didn’t have enough wood.” 

Hanks and Fallon give a heartfelt performance in the third scene, playing two spies who have an intense argument about trust and binoculars. “Maybe friendship is more important than spying,” says Hanks (Spy #1), but the plot ends, appropriately, with spy deceit. 


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