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Watch Stephen Colbert’s Extravagant RNC Musical Tribute

‘Late Show’ host opens week of coverage with classic Broadway send-up of Trump spectacle

Stephen Colbert kicked off The Late Show‘s special week of coverage of the Republican National Convention with a bombastic musical number celebrating the outlandish spectacle that will conclude with the nomination of Donald Trump.

Donning a straw hat and sparkling American flag vest, Colbert danced through the Ed Sullivan Theater and cheerily sang vicious lines like, “We’ll see Newt, Ron and Rand / Maybe members of the Klan / But no Muslims or Latinos ’cause I think they’ve all been banned!”

The number also included a quick stop at RNC headquarters in Cleveland where Colbert danced down the red-carpeted aisles and quipped, “To the Quicken Loans Arena / It’s the finest place you’ve seen-a / It can nearly fit each person fired by Carly Fiorina.” 

But Colbert quickly jumped back to New York where he burst through a giant poster of Trump’s head and wrapped the number alongside his “Dancing Delegates” in classic Broadway fashion. “The party of Lincoln / Had better start drinking,” Colbert belted as the dancers high-kicked behind him and a man in an Abe Lincoln costume sucked down a bottle of whiskey. “It’s like Christmas in July!”

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