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Watch Stephen Colbert Welcome ‘Cartoon Trump’ to ‘Late Show’

Late-night host takes aim at Trump’s childish behavior

Stephen Colbert welcomed a very special guest to The Late Show: cartoon Donald Trump, a “less cartoonish version” of the GOP presidential candidate.

Colbert’s segment on Trump laid in on the childish behavior of the candidate. The host took aim at how “notoriously unpredictable” the real estate mogul can be to everyone except his butler, as the Trump employee revealed in an interview with The New York Times. Colbert cited the article where the butler alleges that Trump’s mood can be based on the color of the baseball cap he wears in the morning — white for good, red for bad.

Next, Colbert referred to the Twitter controversy where the candidate compared a photo of his wife with his competitor Ted Cruz’s wife, and the argument presented by Anderson Cooper during a CNN Town Hall. In the clip, Trump keeps repeating “I didn’t start it” in reference to his nasty feud with Cruz, and Cooper compares the excuse to that of a five-year-old. “Trump does act like a five-year-old but that’s why people like him,” Colbert says. “If he’s angry, he shouts. If he’s happy, he wears happy hat. He loves building towers, and he thinks girls are kind of yucky.”

After discussing the controversy with his campaign manager being charged with battery in Florida for grabbing a reporter, Colbert welcomed the cartoon version of Donald Trump on to defend himself. Cartoon Trump calls Cooper a “poopyhead” and a “dumb dumb” and repeats other childish phrases. He ends his “appearance” by proving that women are easy to appeal to by dancing in his chair to Outkast’s “The Way You Move.”

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