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Watch Stephen Colbert Slam Donald Trump Over Orlando Comments

“Donald Trump refuses to be politically correct, and just to be safe, he refuses to be correct,” ‘Late Show’ host says

Stephen Colbert slammed Donald Trump for making self-inflating comments and tweets in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, Tuesday night. The Late Show host attempted to make sense of the mogul’s controversial and vague suggestions that President Barack Obama is somehow to blame. “Donald Trump refuses to be politically correct, and just to be safe, he refuses to be correct,” Colbert said.

In the segment, Colbert took Trump to task for his “told you so” mentality in the face of the deadliest shooting in U.S. history. “This whole speech with its nativism, its fear-mongering and especially its self-aggrandizing in the face of tragedy feels like a new low,” Colbert said.

“It makes me long for the days when Trump was just bragging about the size of his penis. Donald, can’t we just put the focus of your campaign back on your genitals? Which again, I’m sure don’t look a day over 70 … Maybe, all of us can just get together and declare how big Trump’s penis is.”

As for Trump’s “something’s going on” remarks that seemingly implicated Obama in some unclear capacity, Colbert employed a “Figure-It-Out-Atron” – a chalkboard with words like “Trump,” “Obama,” Muslim” and “Bad Thing” written on it – to make sense of the GOP candidate’s comments.

“First of all, before I figure this out, I got to think like Trump, so first, I’m not going to take my meds,” Colbert said. After making the appropriate connections from Trump’s comments, the lines of the diagram form a swastika, a fitting analogous for the Republican presidential candidate’s Islamophobic rhetoric.

Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee and other late-night hosts responded to the Orlando shooting. Watch here.


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