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Watch Stephen Colbert Fret About Trump’s Nuclear Plan

“It’s like the Cold War all over again, but this time, everyone’s on Russia’s side,” host says

Stephen Colbert fretted about Donald Trump‘s desire to restart the nuclear arms race on Friday’s Late Show.

“Of course, Trump is in charge of our nuclear missiles, and if that does not scare you, maybe this will: Yesterday, in an interview, he said he wants to expand our nuclear arsenal and make it ‘top of the pack,'” Colbert said.

“But it’s a terrifying prospect. After years of carefully decommissioning our nukes – Obama won the Nobel Prize for that – Trump wants to ramp up nuclear production. It’s like the Cold War all over again, but this time, everyone’s on Russia’s side,” joking about where Trump’s alliance lies.

Colbert pointed out that Trump contrastingly said in the interview, “I am the first one that would like to see everybody-nobody have nukes.”

“Actually, I think that’s how nukes work. First, everybody has them. Then nobody has them. And in-between, there’s a big boom.”

Colbert then teased Trump’s declaration that he’s getting “the really bad dudes out of this country” with a “military operation,” even though the Homeland Security chief said no military personnel were used to enforce deportation. White House spokesperson Sean Spicer then explained that Trump had used “military operation” like “an adjective.”

“I’m not an English teacher, but he’s using ‘military operation’ as an adjective,” Colbert asked. “Do you like my new haircut? Yes, it’s very military operation. Do these pants make my ass look military operation?”


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