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Watch Skrillex, Chance the Rapper Sing About Breakfast Food

“If your toast’s too big, don’t mope, have hope,” Chance raps on ‘Colbert’

Skrillex and Chance the Rapper have a longstanding collaborative relationship – a photo of the pair appeared on Instagram back in 2014. In March, Skrillex debuted a remix of Hundred Waters’ “Show Me Love,” and the famous producer recruited Chance to provide new verses.

The two artists were presented with a different sort of remix challenge on The Late Show this week: after Stephen Colbert delivered a series of jokes about new developments in the world of breakfast cereal, Skrillex and Chance put the monologue to music. Most of the burden fell on the MC’s shoulders. “If your toast’s too big, don’t mope, have hope,” Chance rapped. “We got small toast that you can see through a microscope.” Skrillex danced to the bottom-heavy electronic beats that blared in the background, and Colbert pumped his arms enthusiastically. After three bouts of “spittin’ about General Mills,” Skrillex and Chance made their exit – dropping their respective mics.

The pair reappeared later in the show in the company of Hundred Waters to perform a version of “Show Me Love” with help from a horn section, backup singers and a snappy drummer. Skrillex played guitar and Chance’s verses contained some of the same feeling of uplift that permeated his recently released Coloring Book mixtape: “Show me love cause I love it, I love it/ Only thing I could covet in public.” By the end of the song, Skrillex was happily lying on his back at center stage.


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