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Watch Samantha Bee’s Scathing Look at Trump Staffer Stephen Miller

‘Full Frontal’ host tracks DACA-busting advisor’s loathing for immigrants back to middle school

Samantha Bee delivered a scathing profile of President Donald Trump‘s senior policy advisor and “political small pox blanket” Stephen Miller on Full Frontal Wednesday. As Bee pointed out, the anti-immigration hardliner was at the center of the recent government shutdown, scuttling a bi-partisan deal on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that Trump was reportedly ready to sign.

Bee covered Miller’s long history of hard-right and anti-immigrant views, which date as far back as middle school when he reportedly broke off a childhood friendship because the friend was Latino. “Wow, even I wouldn’t have hung out with Stephen Miller in school and I was desperate for new members of my Anne Murray fan club,” Bee cracked.

Miller spent high school and college as a budding provocateur, penning op-eds for school papers and running for class president while spouting off about immigration, feminism, the so-called “war on Christmas,” Islam and even school janitors. All of this turned Miller into a right-wing media darling, which helped him secure a job on then-Senator Jeff Sessions’ staff and eventually the Trump campaign.

Now in the White House, Bee noted, Miller has been behind some of Trump’s scariest and most egregious policies and positions, from the attempted Muslim ban to the refusal to reauthorize DACA. “Stephen Miller is a real American success story,” Bee said. “He worked hard and stayed true to himself and achieved his dreams, he is the exact same racist asshole he’s been since childhood! But now he has the president’s ear and the power to ruin thousands of peoples’ lives.” 


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