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Watch Samantha Bee Skewer GOP Plans to Gut Medicaid

‘Full Frontal’ host delves into most destructive aspect of new Senate healthcare bill

Samantha Bee detailed the destructive Senate Republican healthcare bill on Full Frontal Wednesday. After weeks of secret meetings, the Senate finally unveiled their plan last week – only to see it met with widespread ridicule.

“It turns out 13 rich white guys alone in a room isn’t how good legislation happens – it’s how Suicide Squad happens,” Bee joked. “But while Suicide Squad destroys your will to live, this bill destroys your ability to live.”

Bee specifically focused on how the Senate bill aims to gut Medicaid by sending it to the states and allowing them to cap its growth rate, despite the fact that a majority of Americans favor the program. Furthermore, many Trump voters rely on Medicaid and throughout the campaign, the president promised he would never cut it. But as Bee pointed out, many senators and Trump administration officials are already engaged in Trumpian language mangling, claiming the bill doesn’t cut Medicaid, but simply “reduces its growth.”

“Ok they’re not cuts!” a flustered Bee blurted out. “The plan just won’t let Medicaid grow to keep up with medical costs and 70 million aging baby boomers who never lost their taste for pharmaceuticals. Basically, it’s like telling your kid, we were planning on buying you new clothes as you got older, but instead we’ll just have you wear the same onesie until you’re 53.” 


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