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Watch Samantha Bee Rip Trump’s Third Debate Performance

‘Full Frontal’ host praises Clinton for taking down Republican nominee over medically inaccurate abortion comments

Samantha Bee skewered Donald Trump‘s performance in the final presidential debate and the media’s shortsighted reaction to the Republican nominee’s quip about not accepting election results on Full Frontal Monday.

Proudly donning a custom “Nasty Woman” T-shirt, Bee showed Trump fumbling through basic questions about the Supreme Court, gun laws and the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, which the nominee referred to as “Start Up.” “It’s called ‘START’ you fucking moron,” Bee joked. “Here’s a mnemonic, ‘It’s 14 days until the election. Time to START reading a book.'”

Elsewhere, Bee compared Trump taking Hillary Clinton‘s “Putin’s Puppet” bait to Wile E. Coyote running into a road painted on the side of a mountain, and hardly seemed surprised that the candidate threatening religious and press freedom was also questioning the legitimacy of the election. 

Bee reserved most of her anger at the press for failing to see Trump’s disregard for democracy as an outgrowth of the Republican political establishment; an establishment that’s held 62 votes in the House to repeal Obamacare and has still refused to grant Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland a hearing in the Senate. “Looking at the results of a Democratic election and saying ‘Fuck that!’ has been official Republican policy for at least eight years now,” Bee cracked.

In the second part of her debate coverage, Bee looked specifically at the discussion on abortion, and Trump’s cringe-worthy and medically inaccurate comments on “partial-birth abortions,” which Bee proclaimed with a megaphone, are “not a thing.” But Bee also took a moment to praise Clinton, whose response to Trump revealed her to be the “passionate and unapologetic feminist we haven’t seen since the Nineties. One who stood in a shower of shit and managed to do what 16 primary candidates and the entire Republican establishment couldn’t: Namely, beat this dick-waving, Berlusconi knock-off like a little bitch.”


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