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Watch Samantha Bee Rip Trump’s Inhumane Immigration Policy

‘Full Frontal’ host turns spotlight on cruel, senseless policies of ICE

Samantha Bee criticized President Trump – calling him a “swollen scrotum full of angry hornets” – and his administration’s immigration policies on Full Frontal on Wednesday, describing the recent uptick in arrests by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as inhumane and detrimental to the functioning of a democratic society.  

“It is now American policy to make life a terrifying nightmare for millions of residents and their families, many of whom have never known any other home,” Bee said. “What’s the benefit of making millions of people too scared to go to work or church?”

In February, White House press secretary Sean Spicer announced the president’s plan to “untie the hands of ICE and border patrol agents.” The agency has been increasingly aggressive under the new regime: Bee noted that ICE agents went so far as to detain a domestic abuse victim who was in the process of getting a restraining order against her partner.

The Full Frontal host suggested that there was a heavy dose of macho preening to go with the xenophobia behind ICE’s new policy. “In the same way that some guys use forced perspective to make their junk look bigger, ICE is using unpredictable and frankly dick-ish detentions to make 5,000 agents seem like at least 7,000 – 9,000 if you measure from the taint,” she said.

Bee also noted that as a side effect of ICE aggression, Latinos have been reporting fewer crimes out of fear of being deported. According to data from the Los Angeles Police Department, reports of sexual assault by Latinos have fallen by 25 percent this year, and reports of domestic abuse have decreased by 10 percent.

After sharing those numbers, Bee deadpanned: “Trump hasn’t been responsible for such a big drop in sexual assault since he stopped running the Miss Universe pageant.” 

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