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Watch Samantha Bee ‘Investigate’ Sean Hannity as Serial Killer

“No one would fuck you – you must have done something so much worse,” comedian said, blasting commentator for connection to Trump lawyer Michael Cohen

As the entire late-night comedy landscape drilled Fox News host Sean Hannity for his connection to President Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen, Samantha Bee took her satire even further – mimicking the commentator’s conspiracy theories by launching her own wacky Full Frontal investigation, “Is Sean Hannity a Serial Killer?”

Bee provided the backstory before the segment, detailing how Cohen – Trump’s “attorney, fixer and future mysterious death” – revealed in court on Monday that he also represented Hannity. The Fox News veteran denied employing Cohen, saying they spoke informally (and mostly about “real estate”). But since both Trump and Cohen’s other client, former RNC deputy finance chairman Elliott Broidy, are connected to “hush money” scandals, Bee pondered what darker secrets the host could be hiding.

“‘Real Estate’ is a weird name for a porn star,” she cracked. “Actually, no, no one would fuck you. You must have done something so much worse.” Thus, her serial killer investigation was born.

“I know what you’re thinking: ‘You can’t just throw together a bunch of a scary buzzwords and out-of-context clips to reach an outrageous conclusion,” she said. “And normally I’d agree with you, but you know who does that all the time? Sean Hannity … His whole show is just an hour-long list of lies and conspiracy theories, but people think it’s news because he doesn’t sweat as much as Alex Jones and because he’s on a channel that calls itself ‘News.’ So, yeah! The deceitful editing to reach an outrageous conclusion? We’re gonna keep doing that.”

Bee, utilizing the “extensive forensic research” of CBS crime drama Criminal Minds, analyzed Hannity’s behavior using a list of common serial killer traits – from “bedwetting beyond a normal age” (featuring a clip montage of Hannity discussing the alleged Trump “pee tape”) to being “bad with women” to having low self-esteem. “Hannity ends literally every night of his life trying to win the approval of Donald J. Trump,” Bee says. “So…check.”


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