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Watch Samantha Bee Dismantle Trump’s Suspect Voter Fraud Commission

‘Full Frontal’ host details history of race-baiting, voter suppression among three key figures

Samantha Bee scrutinized the people in charge of President Donald Trump’s dubious Voter Integrity Commission and their long track records of race-baiting and voter suppression on Full Frontal Wednesday. Trump launched the commission in an effort to root out the millions of people he falsely claims have been voting illegally.

Heading up the Voter Integrity Commission is Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, whom Bee noted spent his college years writing an anti-divestment thesis under the tutelage of a professor who also advised the white South African apartheid regime. As a radio host, Kobach was a proponent of Barack Obama birther conspiracies, and as Secretary of State, he introduced a controversial law that requires all Kansas voters to provide proof-of-citizenship. The law has effectively blocked one in seven new voters from registering, and though it’s currently being litigated, Kobach reached out to the Trump transition team about implementing it nationwide immediately after the election.

“I imagine the timeline like this,” Bee cracked. “The networks call the election for Trump, Kobach ejaculates so hard he gives himself a concussion, wakes up the next morning, sees it wasn’t a dream, comes one more time, wipes his keyboard, then bangs out an email to PEOTUS saying, ‘I’m your guy!'”

Other members of the Voter Integrity Commission include Hans von Spakovsky, a key figure in undermining voting rights during the Bush administration, and J. Christian Adams. Adams, Bee pointed out, has spent the last five years filing lawsuits to force counties to purge their voters rolls using an egregious interpretation of a clause in Bill Clinton’s National Voter Registration Act that asks states to make a “reasonable effort” to keep their rolls up to date.

“That is section eight, which members of Trump’s voter fraud squad clutch to their snowy bosoms like a holy relic with the miraculous power to purge voter rolls,” Bee said. “Guys like this have been playing the long game, methodically chipping away at the Voting Rights Act since LBJ signed it and left the room to expose himself to the steno pool. And now this president has handed them the keys to the candy shop so they can run in and purge all the chocolates.” 


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