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Watch Miley Cyrus’ ‘Emotional Interview’ on ‘Fallon’

Singer also talks pig’s dietary restrictions and how Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t share his vape at ‘SNL40’ on ‘Tonight Show’

Miley Cyrus will pull double duty as the host and musical guest of this weekend’s Saturday Night Live season premiere, but the singer stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon first Thursday night for an “Emotional Interview.” In the segment, Cyrus and Fallon run the gamut of talk show chat clichés, from being fake polite and dolling out one-word answers to feigning ultra-defensiveness and one-upping each other’s responses.

At one point, Fallon is forced to refer to Miley as “Morley,” with Cyrus countering by calling the host “Jeremy.” During the one-upmanship battle, Cyrus busts out a pair of doily rabbit ears and proclaims, “I am a freaking bunny that is doing an interview.” After Fallon teases her that people actually bought his album – Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz was distributed for free – Cyrus simply touts, “I will always be better than you, always, always, and forever. Because I’m a girl, and I’ve got boobs. Boobs win.”

Later, Cyrus told Fallon about her cadre of strange pets, from her deceased blowfish Pablow to her house pig. (A trip to a sushi restaurant where blowfish on the menu was the catalyst for Cyrus’ shift to a vegan diet.) Unfortunately for her overweight pig, that means the animal also has dietary restrictions, since the pig just eats whatever meal Cyrus is consuming.

Cyrus then discussed how she was the lone female performer at the SNL40 special and how she wished Leonardo DiCaprio would have shared his vape during the show. “I was a little nervous. It was kind of an intimidating, weird room to be in,” Cyrus said. “To cover a Paul Simon song with him in the building is pretty awkward.” Cyrus notes that she was the only person in the SNL40 special who “wasn’t old.” “Besides Kanye, but even Kanye’s kind of old … compared to me,” she added. “But he’s about to be our future president, so I shouldn’t say too much.”

Cyrus closed out her appearance by accidently cursing wildly, something she’ll have to cut down on when she’s hosting Saturday Night Live.


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