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Watch Matt Taibbi, Anthony Atamanuik Mock Trump’s Wall Street Lies

Politics writer discusses new podcast ‘The TARFU Report’ on Comedy Central’s Trump satire, ‘The President Show’

Rolling Stone‘s Matt Taibbi sat down with “President Trump” (comedian Anthony Atamanuik) on Comedy Central’s satirical talk show series The President Show.

After a hilariously awkward introduction – Atamanuik shook Taibbi’s hand with Trump’s trademark “sawing-a-log” grip – he opened with the obvious question. “Are you obsessed with me?”

Taibbi replied with a smile. “How could I not be obsessed with you? You’re on every channel all the time. I would love to not be obsessed [with you].” He also explained the logic behind titled his book Insane Clown President. “I just figured you were so unpopular that whatever title made you out to be more like an asshole would sell the most.” 

The conversation shifted toward Trump’s failed campaign promise to “drain the swamp” because of his clear connections to Wall Street.

“I think the ironic thing is that the only way to get the Big Bank billionaires and the Goldman Sachs-es out of government is to have somebody be elected who comes from completely outside the system, who isn’t part of the two major parties,” Taibbi argued. “Someone just like you. Except the irony is you got elected and you brought exactly those same people into government.”

Taibbi asked the comedian for his thoughts on the Trump Jr.-Russia scandal. With a shifty facial expression, the Atamanuik remarked as Trump: “My son is totally transparent, and I love my boy.”

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