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Watch Liam Neeson, Colbert in Hilarious ‘Candy Crush’ Movie Sketch

Duo play father and son in melodramatic ‘Candy Crush: The Movie,’ with Neeson as dying Mr. Toffee

Activision Blizzard recently announced plans to acquire King Digital Entertainment, the company behind Candy Crush, for a cool $5.9 billion – not a bad investment since last year, through in-app purchases, 474 million monthly users spent $1.3 billion on the addictive game. The company also revealed the creation of its own movie and television studio, with titles based on their games. “Clearly it’s only a matter of time before Activision makes a movie out of Candy Crush,” Stephen Colbert half-joked during Tuesday’s episode of The Late Show. And the host teased a melodramatic, hilarious clip from the non-existing film, starring Liam Neeson as Mr. Toffee.

The clip features the red-bearded protagonist in his final moments, speaking to his son (Colbert), who offers some comforting lemon drops – which disappear because he made the mistake of bundling three together. 

After some emotional exchanges, Mr. Toffee makes peace with his life of mind-numbing gameplay, filled with digital jellies and color bombs: “You’ve given an old man his final sugar rush … I had a good life. I spent my best years crushing candy, and yes, as I crushed, I would sometimes think, ‘This is a huge waste of time.’ I could be reading a book or anything, but I kept on going.”

As he musters the strength to say his final words, a prompt asks Colbert to pay another 99 cents – which he declines. The son vows to remember his father’s legacy with a heartfelt tribute: sharing his high score on Facebook.


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