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Watch Late Night Hosts Lampoon Trump, Omarosa’s Strange, Embarrassing Feud

“Finally, we have proof that the guy who refused to rent to black tenants, said that a Nazi clan rally had some ‘fine people’ and called Africa a ‘shithole’ is a racist,” Colbert said

The late night circuit was, predictably, all about Omarosa Manigault Newman. After the former Trump staffer released secretly-taped conversations between her and Trump as well as Chief of Staff John Kelly firing her, the tapes – and the media circus around them – served as comedic fodder for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Late Night With Seth Meyers and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Over the weekend, Manigault Newman appeared on Meet the Press to discuss her new book about the Trump administration called Unhinged: An Insider Account of the Trump White House where she called Trump “mentally declined.” She also appeared on Today on Monday, where she played tape of Trump allegedly being surprised that she was fired. She has also claimed that she heard tape of Trump used the “N-word” during The Apprentice and said that “It confirmed that he is truly a racist.” Trump responded to her claims in a series of derogatory tweets, in which called his former staffer a “wacky Omarosa” and a “lowlife.” On Tuesday, Trump continued his criticism of Manigault Newman’s claims, likening her to a dog.

Colbert put their feuding into Biblical terms. “The White House is basically a reboot of the Last Supper. Oops! All Judases,” he said. As for her claims of Trump’s racism, Colbert sarcastically said, “Finally we have proof that the guy who refused to rent to black tenants, said that a Nazi clan rally had some ‘fine people’ and called Africa a shithole is a racist.”

Manigault Newman also said was allegedly fired in the Situation Room. Trump allegedly heard she was fired on the news and told her, “I don’t love you leaving at all.”

“What a wiener. You’re the ‘You’re fired’ guy and you’re too scared to tell Omarosa she’s fired,” Colbert, said, adding, “You do realize that means you hired her four times, right?”

Colbert then lambasted several of the Trump’s retaliatory tweets that followed Manigault Newman’s claims. Meyers took one of Trump’s tweets as well, where Trump tweeted that “She never made it, never will.”

Meyers retorted, “Well, actually, she did make it. You hired her for a job in the White House after she got fired three times on The Apprentice,” Meyers retorted. “That’s like getting cut three times from the Mets and thinking, ‘I’m gonna try out for the Yankees.'”

Fallon, meanwhile, tackled Manigault Newman’s claim that Trump has “mentally declined.” “This book is an outrage,” Fallon said, mimicking the president’s voice. “Wait, what were we talking about?”

Fallon then addressed the tape of Kelly firing her. When she inquires whether the president was aware she was being terminated, Kelly is heard saying, it was a “non-negotiable discussion.”

“Turns out anytime anyone asks if the president is aware of what’s going on, Kelly says, ‘Let’s not go down that road.’ It’s a dead end,” Fallon said. “The president is not aware of what’s going on.”



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