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Watch Kristen Bell, James Corden Perform Awkward Aerial Duet

Actress, host battle wire issues during hilarious take on Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes’ “Up Where We Belong”

On Tuesday’s Late Late Show, Kristen Bell and James Corden were physically moved by the power of love – but they weren’t moved to the same spot. The actress and host sang the classic Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes’ duet “Up Where We Belong,” made hilarious by fake production errors.

The duo began on the stage, with Bell showcasing her warm vibrato and Corden channeling Cocker’s trademark gravelly croon. But the vibe turned comedic seconds later, as the CHiPS actress was lifted way above the host, who hung mere feet off the stage.

Corden pleaded for technical assistance, but the wire crew never quite nailed the height ratio, sending the performers up and down. Bell attempted to fix the issue with swimming motions, as the host lost his temper in mock-rage. 

“That was an absolute disaster!” he yelled. “Who is responsible for this? We rehearsed it and rehearsed it and rehearsed it! Yeah, right … well, that was that. Fix it in post!”


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