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Watch Kenan and Kel Return to ‘Good Burger’ on ‘Fallon’

Nineties Nickelodeon stars wreak havoc with mustard, misconstrue orders, sing “I’m a Dude” with Black Thought

Nineties Nickelodeon heroes Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell returned to their old stomping grounds, Good Burger, to wreak havoc on squares and take orders way too literally in a sketch on The Tonight Show Wednesday.

The bit began with host Jimmy Fallon reminiscing about his old job at a fast food joint where he worked alongside Ed, Mitchell’s loveably inept Good Burger cashier. They made an indomitable pair, spraying an uptight Steve Higgins with mustard — then charging him eight bucks for it — serving Roots MC Black Thought a spicy chicken “rap,” and shoving grapes up their noses.

While Thompson played Mitchell’s fellow Good Burger employee in the 1997 movie, he returned as the blusterous Lester Oaks, construction worker, who often found himself on the receiving end of Ed’s nonsense in the original All That sketches. Their encounter on The Tonight Show was equally gratifying (for fans, not Lester).

“I was asking for a thick, milky beverage, not for you to shake-ify my insides, you silly goose man!” Thompson howled after Ed misconstrued his order for a “Good shake.” As Ed groveled and apologized, Lester consoled him, calling him “son” and setting off another series of misunderstandings that included Fallon’s character joining the impromptu family affair.

“I am not your daddies,” Lester barked amid the hugfest. “That is biologically improbable! Now stay away from me you fuzzy nuggets!”

Though Thompson and Mitchell’s reunion was the bit’s charming center — and the pair’s chemistry showed no signs of strain or age — there was still one more Good Burger related matter to attend to. Unable to get Ed’s spicy chicken “rap” out of his head, Black Thought returned to Good Burger to offer the cashier a record deal — if he had one more song. Cue Ed’s anthemic, “I’m A Dude,” a song so powerful it brought musty old Higgins and cranky Lester back to party.


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