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Watch John Oliver Solve ‘Conspiracy’ of Cadbury Creme Eggs

‘Last Week Tonight’ host outlines ludicrous theory about Easter-friendly candy involving gold, Bono and the Illuminati

Forget the theory that Katy Perry is a grown-up JonBenét Ramsey or that the Denver Airport was designed by the Illuminati. On Sunday, John Oliver hatched a mind-blowing, Easter-themed conspiracy video uncovering the sinister background of Cadbury Creme Eggs. It’s time to open your eyes, sheeple. 

Oliver opens the Last Week Tonight web exclusive clip by acknowledging his envy of other YouTube conspiracy theorists: “First, there’s a wave of, ‘This guy has to be fucking kidding, right?’ But then it’s jealousy at the sheer scale of imagination.” Then he explains the prerequisites for making a YouTube classic: “a wild claim that something we take for granted is actually the responsibility of robots, aliens, or U.S. presidents who are also robots or aliens” and “an eye for incredibly specific detail and an ability to make wild accusations with complete confidence.”

The host outlines the trail of greed, secrecy and (of course) Illuminati that help create Cadbury Creme Eggs, a candy he says “tastes like mermaid placenta covered in candle wax.” His convoluted theory involves Miracle on 34th Street, gold, Germany, Freemasonry, Bono and the Illuminati eye.  

“I’m pretty sure most of it is completely false,” he admits. “But it felt amazing to say, and it almost made sense. And that is what YouTube conspiracy videos are all about.”

Find out five things we learned from John Oliver.

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