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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Prank Stoners With ‘Incredible Edible’ Placebo Candy

Self-proclaimed weed enthusiasts rave about treat after being told it hits in five seconds

Jimmy KimmelJimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel pranked self-proclaimed stoners with an "incredible edible" that was actually just a regular piece of candy.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel teased marijuana enthusiasts on Venice Beach with an “incredible edible” that was actually just a regular piece of candy on a new installment of “High Witness News” on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday.

Kimmel’s “incredible edible” is a variation on the tried and true placebo prank, which has been used to fool everyone from college freshmen attending their first kegger to ravers at Coachella (a version even appeared in the show Freaks and Geeks). Still, the pay-off on Kimmel was unsurprisingly delightful as stoners waxed lyrically about their faux highs, which Kimmel’s producer promised would hit in just five seconds.

Among the most choice reactions were the guy who felt “a little wavy,” the woman who insisted, “It’s definitely more of a body high” and the man who boasted, “These are strong, I already feel the saliva coming out of the side of my mouth.” One guy, who said he worked at a marijuana dispensary, even told Kimmel’s producer that he’d love to sell the “incredible edible” at his shop.

However, the segment’s best response came from the man who initially boasted, “It might take a little longer for me because I smoke a shit load of weed, bro.” A second later he added with a laugh, “Oh, now I feel something! I feel pretty good!”


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