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Watch Jimmy Fallon, Paul Rudd Play Drinko, Chug Tequila-Gravy Cocktail

‘Ant-Man’ actor also talks failed attempt to pull a ‘Basic Instinct’ on Michael Douglas

Following a gruesome finger injury and a brief summer vacation, Jimmy Fallon returned to The Tonight Show Monday with Paul Rudd and a new drinking game called Drinko. Inspired by The Price of Right‘s longtime game Plinko, the Tonight Show version replaces prizes like money and household items with a wide assortment of beverages, including beer, Everclear, Tang and pickle juice.

In addition to the smorgasbord of liquids both delicious and repulsive, The Tonight Show‘s Drinko was also presented as a perverted machine that continually asks Fallon and Rudd to “mount me.” (Rudd compares Drinko’s voice to 2-XL.) Rudd drops his disc into Drinko first, forcing Fallon to imbibe peppermint schnapps. When it’s Fallon’s turn to make Rudd drink, the Ant-Man actor is hit with the least desirable of offerings: Cold gravy.

However, Rudd gets revenge in the final round when – after Rudd’s Drinko disc beats Fallon’s in a race to the bottom of the machine – Fallon is stuck drinking a cocktail of tequila and gravy. “This is the last time we’re playing Drinko, ladies and gentlemen,” Fallon tells the audience after consuming his “tequila gravy.”

Rudd also sat down with Fallon to discuss Ant-Man as well as working with Michael Douglas, who enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe as inventor Hank Pym. “As great as he is, I could never shake the fact that I was working with Michael Douglas. It’s intimidating, but he’s so nice,” Rudd says. In an attempt to be more like himself around the legendary actor, Rudd decided to have some fun with Douglas. “I thought, I’m gonna Basic Instinct him,” a nod to Sharon Stone’s revealing interrogation scene. It did not go well:

In his return episode, Fallon was still sporting the bandages from his disgusting hand injury, which the host went into more detail about early in the episode.


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