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Watch James Corden Prank David Beckham With Fake Statue

“The only thing that’s good is the hair”

Soccer star David Beckham received an honorary statue of himself from LA Galaxy at their stadium this month and James Corden decided to take the opportunity to prank Beckham with a fake statue (which Corden calls “a balance between realistic and absolutely terrible”) for a segment on The Late Late Show. Beckham, a friend of Corden’s, found it far less hilarious than the viewers.

In the clip, Corden reveals how his prop department created the false statue, purposefully emphasizing the chin and butt. The team then brings the unfortunate statue to the LA Galaxy stadium to unveil it for Beckham, where a group of actors posed as fans intending to annoy him. When they finally pull the sheet off the statue, the soccer player looks noticeably disappointed, much to Corden’s amusement.

“It’s slightly different than it was when I saw it in Chicago,” Beckham tells a comedian portraying the statue’s sculptor. “I mean, look at my chin.” As he continues to inspect it, he points out several flaws. “You know what, the only thing that’s good is the hair,” Beckham says. “That’s about it.” Finally Beckham affirms, “I really don’t see how this can go out.”

After letting Beckham get truly angry about the poorly made statue, Corden runs out shouting “Oh my God, what’s happened?” Beckham laughs it off, clearly relieved. The real statue, which is much better proportioned, was revealed over the weekend during the Major League Soccer opening game.


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