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Watch Glenn Danzig Revamp Fred Armisen’s Goth Style on ‘Portlandia’

Metal-punk legend recommends colorful beach attire in hilarious clip from new episode

“Sometimes to have a good time, you have to dress a little lame,” Glenn Danzig admits in a new Portlandia sketch, playing a mysterious Romanian beach attire guru who endows the bright path to goth Vincent (Fred Armisen). 

“I just don’t know what someone of my look wears here,” says a discouraged Vincent. But Danzig’s character shows him the neon-colored light. “The beach: it has its own expression; its own style. I have been collecting all these years. Let me share with you what I have found,” he says, opening an ominous-looking trunk that seems like it could be full of human remains. “Are you familiar with Billabong? Billabong: kinda fratty, but they pop.”

Danzig, speaking in a thick Romanian accent, highlights an array of fun-in-the-sun choices: “Shorts from Pac-Sun, maybe some Hurley, some more Hurley – you can never have too much Hurley. Maybe some Quicksilver.” 

Portlandia‘s latest episode airs Thursday, February 11th at 10 p.m. ET/PT on IFC. Louis C.K., Jillian Bell and Robert Smigel lead an eclectic group of actors, comedians and musicians appearing in the show’s sixth season. The Flaming Lips made a January cameo in the season’s debut episode, playing rival bands “the Flaming Lips Featuring Wayne Coyne” and “More Flaming Lips.” 


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