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Watch Draymond Green, Kobe Bryant Read Mean Tweets on ‘Kimmel’

“Kobe Bryant looks like he cries to ‘Kiss From a Rose’ by Seal,” the Los Angeles Lakers legend reads

Jimmy Kimmel Live unveiled the latest installment of its “Mean Tweets – NBA Edition” following the conclusion of the epic Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

“Draymond Green’s jump shot is ALMOST as ugly as his face… Almost,” the Golden State Warriors star said, reading a joke penned by Twitter user @TheClassicMan. “Ben Simmons might have the most boring voice I ever heard,” Philadelphia 76ers’ Ben Simmons read in his monotone delivery.

However, the biggest Twitter diss in this edition was reserved for Detroit Pistons center and noted poor free throw shooter Andre Drummond: “Stevie Wonder shoots free throws like Andre Drummond.”

No NBA star is safe from Twitter’s mean tweets, including retired all-stars like Tracy McGrady and Scottie Pippen. “Scottie Pippen has the face of a man who’s been through some [shit],” the Chicago Bulls star read. Kobe Bryant added, “Kobe Bryant looks like he cries to ‘Kiss From a Rose’ by Seal,” before singing the hit’s opening melody.

Even members of the media aren’t safe from Mean Tweets: “Stephen A. Smith is what happens when a human tries to be a Caps Lock button,” the hot take-launching commentator read.


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