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Watch Demi Lovato, Jimmy Fallon Take Emoji Selfies in ‘Ew!’ Sketch

Host, singer practice kissing on cushions, prep for spring fling, discuss actor Tom Wilkinson

Jimmy Fallon and Demi Lovato headed down to a wood-paneled suburban basement to take emoji selfies, get ready for the spring fling and discuss the filmography of Tom Wilkinson on the latest installment of The Tonight Show‘s recurring sketch, “Ew!”

Fallon, playing Sara – “with no ‘H’ cause ‘H”s are ew” – welcomed her friend Emily (Lovato) and praised her new emerald green dress for the dance in appropriately exaggerated and grating tones. Elsewhere, the pair photographed themselves mimicking emoji faces, suffered the embarrassment of Sara’s step-dad Gary and his fish sticks song and practiced kissing on Sara’s patented “crush cushions” – pillows with the faces of her crushes on them. After Emily selected the pillow with Ed Sheeran, Sara proclaimed, “Ew, that means I got Mario Lopez!”

The sketch closed with an “ew” speed round, in which Emily rated Thin Mints, ankle bracelets, slime and acclaimed actor Tom Wilkinson, all of which – especially the latter – received an enthusiastic “Ew!”


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