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Trevor Noah Dismisses Donald Trump’s Futile Voter Fraud Claims on ‘Daily Show’

Host highlights Rudy Giuliani’s instantly iconic press conference at a Philadelphia landscaping business

Trevor Noah hammered home the ridiculousness of Donald Trump’s refusal to concede the 2020 presidential election, as well as his baseless claims of voter fraud, on The Daily Show Monday, November 9th.

Over the past few days, Trump surrogates have been spouting an array of evidence-free claims that Republican votes were changed or that dead people voted for Joe Biden as “proof” that the Democrats rigged the election. After noting the Democrats probably would’ve taken the Senate, too, if they had tried to steal the election, Noah cracked, “America’s whole system is rigged to help Donald Trump! The man lost by 4 million popular votes and still had a chance to win the electoral college. How does that make sense? The only person Donald Trump should be mad at is himself, because he started on third base and still lost the game.”

Noah touched on the Trump campaign’s so-far fruitless efforts to file lawsuits over their voter fraud claims. And he highlighted what’s already become the most iconic moment of Trump’s post-election fight: Rudy Giuliani’s press conference outside a landscaping business in Philadelphia, located between a crematorium and a sex toy store.

“As a general rule, if you’re ever out declaring war, you don’t want to do it 20 feet from a dildo,” Noah joked. “Although, I mean, in some ways it makes sense: Because if you ask people what’s halfway between a porn shop and a crematorium, they’d probably say Rudy Giuliani.”



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