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Trevor Noah Fantasizes About Breaking Plans Once There’s a COVID-19 Vaccine

Daily Show host highlights positive developments scientists at Oxford have made toward a cure

Trevor Noah highlighted the very good news that researchers at Oxford University may be close to a COVID-19 vaccine on The Daily Show Tuesday.

The scientists at Oxford, Noah noted, found themselves ahead of the curve thanks to the years of research they’d been doing on the MERS virus; their COVID-19 vaccine could be available as early as September. Noah was obviously ecstatic about the development and eagerly shared his post-quarantine plans.

“As soon as I get a vaccine, the first thing I’m gonna do is make plans with all of my friends that I have no intention of keeping,” Noah cracked, adding, “And then I send a last-minute text saying I can’t make it, I switch off my phone and I stay at home. I can’t wait for the vaccine!”

Noah did caveat the news by noting that the researchers at Oxford had, so far, only tested their COVID-19 vaccine on monkeys, which made the host a little nervous. “Here’s something no one’s thought of,” Noah joked, “if we test the vaccine on monkeys, monkeys could become immune to coronavirus before us. Then they get to get haircuts and go bowling, and the next thing you know — Planet of the Apes!”


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