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The Kardashian-Jenner Family Trees: Know Your Reality TV Royalty

Keep up with who is related to who by what

kardashian jenner

The ever-shifting Kardashian-Jenner family trees are almost as hard to keep track of as those of the rival Houses on 'Game of Thrones.'

From House Stark to House Lannister to all the conniving nobles in between, the families of Game of Thrones may have the most complicated and wide-ranging lineages on the boob tube – ever? But reality TV’s ruling clan isn’t far behind (and as Rob Sheffield shows, its members have a lot in common with the HBO series’ cast of characters). House Kardashian and House Jenner have been through enough marriages and divorces, births and deaths to make it plenty hard to get a handle on who is related to who by what. With a new baby on the way (congrats, Kimye!), we present the family trees of these ever-shifting households to help us all try and keep up.


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