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‘SNL’: Weekend Update Slams Trump for Deadly Rallies, Makes Election Day Plea

“Don’t worry, the president isn’t trying to kill his supporters; he’s actually succeeding at killing his supporters”

Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update mocked Donald Trump’s final, deadly week on the campaign trail and made one last plea to viewers during the pre-Election Day episode.

Colin Jost opened the segment by playing Trump’s latest Covid-19 argument — “You know, our doctors get more money if somebody dies from Covid, you know that, right?” — which drew heavy boos from the SNL audience.

“That’s our president — recently saved by doctors — saying doctors want more Covid for money. Which makes me think Trump only survived Covid so he wouldn’t have to pay his doctors,” Jost said.

The subject then turned to Trump rallies themselves, which are killing people either through coronavirus spread or hypothermia; at a Nebraska rally earlier this week, the president left supporters stranded at an airfield in freezing temperatures, resulting in hospitalizations.

“I assume because Trump told them the jackets don’t work,” Jost said. “Don’t worry, the president isn’t trying to kill his supporters; he’s actually succeeding at killing his supporters. According to a study, over 30,000 Covid cases and 700 deaths are tied directly to Trump rallies. That means he’s killed more people across the Midwest as Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy combined.”

Jost continued, “In the end, I guess that Trump was right that he’s not a typical politician, since typical politicians don’t spend the last week of the election murdering their own voters.”

Michael Che then talked about Lil Wayne’s surprise support of Trump and the president’s “Platinum Plan” for the black community. “Many are surprised by Lil Wayne’s endorsement of Trump, but keep in mind Lil Wayne puts cough syrup in his Sprite, so grain of salt. It’s weird that I need to tell politicians this but rappers are not black leaders. They’re just rappers, stop negotiating with them.”

Jost then made a plea to viewers, “All I think and believe is that we cannot do another four years of Trump. It is too much. Everyday I wake up after two hours of sleep and I google, ‘America still democracy?’ Even if you like Trump, at this point you have to be exhausted.”

Elsewhere in Weekend Update, the co-anchors also briefly tackled the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett:

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