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Seth MacFarlane’s Liam Neeson Impression Is Perfect

‘Ted 2’ star and Jimmy Fallon also trade impressions of Jerry Seinfeld, Ray Romano, Pee-wee Herman and Bobcat Goldthwait on ‘Tonight Show’

Seth MacFarlane showed off his vocal dexterity on The Tonight Show Monday, joining Jimmy Fallon for a round of “Wheel of Impressions,” where he rattled off spot-on impersonations of Liam Neeson, Ray Romano and more.

As the wheel generates both a celebrity and a topic, MacFarlane was first tasked with Neeson and Time Warner Cable, effectively bringing everyone’s worst nightmares of the communications conglomerate to life: “If you’d like to purchase these channels, I’ll come and install your cable, and that’ll be the end of it,” MacFarlane growled. “If you don’t, I will look for you. I will find you. And I will kill you.”

Fallon then trotted out his trusty Jerry Seinfeld impression, pondering the deal with Uber — “We are literally getting a stranger to lure us into their car with candy. Have we learned nothing, people?!” — before MacFarlane was tasked with being Bobcat Goldthwait at a Starbucks. Never has an order of a Frappuccino, bagel with cream cheese and, for good measure, a Josh Groban CD been so taxing and strained.

Both MacFarlane and Fallon giggled their way through Pee-wee Herman impressions, before the Family Guy creator-star spun the wheel one last time and was charged with pretending to be Ray Romano at the movies. After conjuring some phlegm, MacFarlane took the bit to a newer, more meta level: “My favorite movie is Star Wars because I do a pretty passable Yoda impression,” he said, then added without altering Romano-esque voice at all. “‘There is no try, only do.'”

MacFarlane’s new movie, Ted 2 — the sequel to his 2012 smash about a cute, foul-mouthed bear and his human bro, played by Mark Wahlberg — opens in theaters June 26th.


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