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‘Sesame Street’ Parodies ‘Orange Is the New Black’ With ‘Orange Is the New Snack’

Beloved kids’ show does funny G-rated parody of hit Netflix series, starring Piper Snackman

Orange Is the New Black is the latest grown-up series to get the Sesame Street treatment, joining such acclaimed, spoofed favorites as Mad Men, True Blood, Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire. In a five-minute clip posted to YouTube on Monday, they perform a spot-on, G-rated rendition of the Netflix series, Orange Is the New Snack.

The video kicks off with an opening sequence familiar to fans of the inmate-centric show – only this time, the facial close-ups are of Muppets styled after familiar OITNB characters.

“The girls at school/ The girls at school/ Munch, munch, munch till your tummy’s full/ The cookies are baked/ It’s time to feed/ But healthy foods are what we need,” a voice croons over the credits, set to the tune of Regina Spektor’s theme song, “You’ve Got Time.”

The scene then opens on Litchfield Academy, a play on Litchfield Penitentiary, and the arrival of a new classmate: protagonist Piper Snackman. The wide-eyed character is excited to introduce her fellow students to her healthy eating habits, courtesy of an orange she smuggled in her lunchbox, but the others seem uncertain.

A character named “Googly Eyes” (a play on OITNB’s “Crazy Eyes”) thinks the orange is a ball, while another (modeled after delusional dreamer Morello) believes the piece of fruit is actually her boyfriend Christopher. And a red-headed Muppet aptly named Red gets offended when Snackman refuses her cookie. “What do you mean, ‘No, thank you’? It’s snack time!” she says in a thick, Russian accent.

Watch the clip above ahead of Orange Is the New Black’s season 5 premiere on Friday, June 9th.


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