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See ‘SNL’ Parody Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway With Musical Sketch

“And when they Google just a ‘K,’ my name will come up before Kanye,” adviser sings

Kate McKinnon turned White House adviser Kellyanne Conway’s unwavering support for Donald Trump – and her secret desire to be famous – into a rollicking musical number on Saturday Night Live.

The sketch – which aired even before Conway’s instant-classic “alternative facts” claim on Meet the Press Sunday – featured “the counselor to the President” being interviewed by CNN, where she spun Jake Tapper’s questions beyond recognition. When the host asked simply, “Why are you doing this?,” the interview turned into a Chicago-style song-and-dance where Conway revealed her real motive: Fame.

“Who says that lying’s not an art? And when they Google just a ‘K,’ my name will come up before Kanye,” “Conway” sang. “Hey, you know what’s weird? This time last year I supported Ted Cruz. I said Donald Trump acted unpresidential. It’s on tape. But hey, that’s showbiz.”

However, SNL posited that there is a seed of culpability in Conway’s thoughts. “And when the world goes up in flames, at least for now they know my name: Kellyanne Conway” she sang in conclusion.

The real Conway, who in the past has praised McKinnon’s portrayal of her – as opposed to her boss’ feelings about Alec Baldwin’s impersonation – has not yet commented on the SNL musical number.

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