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See ‘SNL’ Mock Cowardly Conservatives With ‘Republican Movie’ Trailer

Two-minute sketch pokes fun at GOP lawmakers who are too afraid to stand up to Trump administration

Saturday Night Live poked fun at the conservative lawmakers who have remained silent in the face of mass deportations, anti-Semitism and the Trump administration’s abuse of power in mock trailer for Republican Movie.

The two-minute sketch focuses on the Republican politician – “TBD,” until one comes forward – who goes against his own party to criticize Trump’s maneuvers.

“It was a country in chaos. A nation divided. Led by a president by unchecked power,” the narrator grimly recites. “Until one Republican decided enough was enough. A patriot who put country over party. Who finally stood up for his nation’s founding values. A man by the name of…”

SNL posits that film is already made and ready to roll, it’s just waiting for the one “to be decided” Republican to step up and fill in the green screen with a “brave response” and a “rallying cry that speaks to all people.”

However, as the fake Rolling Stone movie review in the trailer points out, the film is “definitely not about Paul Ryan.”


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