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See Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway Go Full ‘Fatal Attraction’ on ‘SNL’

Trump adviser terrorizes Beck Bennett’s Jake Tapper after CNN takes her spotlight away

Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway went full Fatal Attraction on Beck Bennett’s Jake Tapper in a biting Saturday Night Live sketch that mocked the White House adviser’s credibility issues and need for the spotlight.

SNL previously gave Conway the Chicago treatment in a recent episode to encapsulate her insatiable hunger for fame, but the show traversed a darker cinematic terrain after CNN deprived Conway of airtime following the Bowling Green Massacre incident.

In the sketch – inspired by the 1987 thriller about a thwarted lover who terrorizes a family man after a brief affair – a nightgown-wearing Conway surprised Tapper in his apartment after the anchor rejected her media availability.

After first attempting to seduce her way back onto the news – “I wanna get mic’d. I wanna feel that hot, black mic pressed against my skin” – she instead issued threats while waving a knife at the CNN anchor.

“Fine, I’ll do something else. I’ll do something really crazy,” Conway warned. “What if I do a free commercial for Ivanka’s shoes live on air?”

As Conway became more violent, Tapper acquiesced, first offering her a spot on Fareed Zakaria’s show – “Fareed Zakaria? I have an office in the fucking White House,” Kellyanne shouted – before ultimately relenting and allowing the advisor back on his show.

A satisfied Conway bragged, “I’m Kellyanne Conway and I always get my Kellyanne Con-way” before accidentally plunging out of Tapper’s window. She survived, using up one of her lives in the process.


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