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See Jimmy Kimmel Stoke Outrage Over Fake Awards Show

New “Lie Witness News” demonstrates that “people get mad before there’s anything to even get mad about”

Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s “Lie Witness News” team ventured out on Wenesday to assess popular opinion about a made-up awards show titled the “Outstanding Celebrity Excellence Awards.”

“The thing about award shows is that people tend to have very strong opinions about them,” Kimmel said. “People get mad before there’s anything to even get mad about.”

Sure enough, when Kimmel’s reporters asked unsuspecting passersby about the “Outstanding Celebrity Excellence Awards,” they were quick to condemn the sham event. “Last night you heard the host call someone a T-word – is it ever ok to call someone a T-word?” Kimmel’s team wondered. “It’s just out of line,” a respondent declared.

The questions got progressively more involved as the segment continued. “Alicia Keys of course is taking major heat from PETA for killing the ladybug that landed on her arm during that speech,” Kimmel’s correspondent said. “Will you join the boycott of her music?” “I was very disgusted when I saw that,” a woman replied. “[Keys] displays herself as a lover for all, but [killing the bug] shows her actions don’t support that … stop killing ladybugs: you mat not believe in reincarnation, but other people do.”

The latest edition of “Lie Witness News” may function as Kimmel’s preemptive strike on citizen-critics: The comedian is due to host the prestigious Academy Awards for the second consecutive year this March. 


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