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See Billy Eichner and Seth Meyers Terrify New Yorkers With an Emmy

One woman called the trophy a “Goldbluhh…”

Billy on the Street loudmouth Billy Eichner and Emmys host Seth Meyers took to the streets of New York for a segment that aired during the broadcast called “‘For a Dollar,’ where people can win money if they agree with me about pop culture.” It was a skit to see just how engaged people were in television – and the results they got weren’t so promising.

Mostly, they caused bedlam on the streets yelling at people about Mindy Kaling getting snubbed after she got up at 5 in the morning to announce the Emmy nominations. They approached one woman and Eichner said, “You’re a lesbian, do you watch Orange Is the New Black?” “Yes,” she said, “but I’m not a lesbian,” and they ran away. At one point they collected money for the cast of The Big Bang Theory.

But the best was the woman who couldn’t quite figure out what the award itself was. “Miss, for a dollar, what is this,” Eichner asked, as Meyer held out the Emmy. “A trophy?” And what kind of trophy? “The Academy?” What do they call this one? Then she called it a word that sounded a little bit like a “Goldbluh,” and repeated it, but neither Meyers nor Eichner (nor anyone with ears) could make out the word. But the best was when they tried to lead her into saying Emmy by going, “Ehh,” and she said, “Anniversary.” Eichner and Meyers just screamed (well, mostly Eichner) and they just ran off to yell about Elisabeth Moss getting snubbed.


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