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Samantha Bee to ‘Creeps of Hollywood’: ‘We Know Who You Are’

‘Full Frontal’ host skewers Harvey Weinstein, highlights rampant sexual harassment in other industries

Samantha Bee delivered a pointed message to all the “creeps in Hollywood” in a segment about Harvey Weinstein’s history of sexual harassment on Full Frontal Wednesday. “Weinstein isn’t the only cool Democrat lurking in film festival hotels, waiting to play a jolly masturbation prank,” Bee said. “Women talk to each other. And we talk to journalists – and we talk to lawyers. It’s 2017, we don’t have to put up with this shit. We are coming for you.”

Bee covered the various facets of the still unfolding scandal. After The New York Times published a comprehensive report detailing Weinstein’s decades-long history of harassment, the film executive was forced out of his own company. As Bee noted, Weinstein attempted to defend himself in part by saying he was product of office culture in the Sixties and Seventies.

“Oh give me a break white Cosby,” Bee cracked. “Nobody asked for your all-about-mea-culpa. Don’t blame the Sixties and Seventies for your shitty decision making. It’s serial sexual harassment – not a Monkees tattoo.”

Bee also skewered Republicans for finally deigning to criticize a man with an alleged history of sexual assault when he’s a lifelong donor to the Democratic Party (instead of, say, the President). But as Bee pointed out, this scandal isn’t about politics, or even Hollywood, but rather the behavior of men. Bee noted that sexual harassment is rampant in medicine, finance, tech, academia, publishing and even on a practically abandoned research outpost in Antarctica.

“The extent of their creepiness seems to be a surprise to everyone – except women,” Bee said. “We women have known men were gross since our sixth grade gym teacher said, ‘Good job’ at the end of class, then massaged our shoulders that were somehow on the front of our bodies.” 


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