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Samantha Bee Endures Bad Camera Work, Sports Jokes on ‘Day Without a Woman’

‘Full Frontal’ host performs for four male writers after staff leaves to protest in hilarious promo

Samantha Bee honored International Women’s Day and the Day Without a Woman strike with a hilarious Full Frontal promo showing what happens when women aren’t around to run her show: Terrible camera work and bad sports jokes.

As the camera wobbled around the Full Frontal set and a graphic of “Micael Flyne” appeared, Bee delivered a half-hearted, yet topical, jab at the Cleveland Cavaliers – “They’re losing their lead faster than people in the Trump administration are losing their jobs” – which only played well with the four male staff members sitting in the otherwise empty seats.

As the dudes explained, not only was Full Frontal‘s audience coordinator out for the Day Without a Woman strike, but so were most of her writers, producers, researchers, members of the control room, wardrobe and make-up. Bee then decided to ditch her own job in protest too, tearing off her work blazer to reveal a T-shirt emblazoned with “Feminist.”


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