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Rose McGowan: I Was the ‘Architect’ of Harvey Weinstein’s Demise

“Shake [things] up. Otherwise, we’re all maybe going to die sooner than we think,” she tells Stephen Colbert

Rose McGowan is taking ownership of the unusual, wide-ranging interview she had with Stephen Colbert on the Late Show Wednesday, telling naysayers to not get worked up over her unconventional behavior.

“1) I had fun (as much as one can have in this alternate reality) on the @colbertlateshow any press framing it as ‘bizarre’ I just have a different personality than you,” she tweeted Thursday. “I don’t follow protocol. And I will talk about WHAT I WANT. I requested a Dick Cavett free form hangout.”

“2) I am bored of formats and questions. I am done with traditional structure,” she continued. “If you’re not with the fake tradition of traditional promotional ‘appearances’ then by all means, stay in your square, but DO NOT APPLY TO ME. I am unusual, that IS the point. I do not care for formats or traditional thoughts. Every interview of mine is different, just like a mood. A lot of you are meeting me for the first time. Don’t compare me to what you would do or be. Be free.”

On Wednesday, McGowan sat down with Colbert, ostensibly to promote her new book, Brave and E! docuseries Citizen Rose. After berating suits for being “terribly uncomfortable” and musing that they probably make people “psychologically … insane” as a result, the actress noted that she’s always been comfortable with being put in uncomfortable or awkward situations.

“Did you ever see that movie Happiness by Todd Solondz?” she asked Colbert, before explaining, “I laughed so hard. It’s about a pedophile. It’s terrible. But this excruciating twist of your skin. And I kind of exist there. But not my fault.”

McGowan also noted that she believes khaki pants are part of the problem with society today. After a recent trip to India, where “everyone’s so colorful,” she said, she returned to the States and “saw all these khaki pants and T-rex things [suits].”

“I think we can do better, societally,” she said, getting philosophical about the connection between fashion choices and an inaction toward change. “I think we can be looser. Ten percent. Have more fun, be better, see in more colors. Run. Like, what are we doing? It’s not working out so well here. Am I wrong? Or it’s like there’s a bus on fire with a madman in a blindfold and everyone’s just still talking bout it as if it’s nice. It’s not nice. It’s fucking weird. Right? Whoa. What? Shake it up. Otherwise, we’re all maybe going to die sooner than we think.”

When talk turned toward the downfall of Harvey Weinstein, whom McGowan has accused of sexually assaulting her back in 1997, McGowan said simply, “I was the architect.”

The disgraced movie mogul released a statement Tuesday denying McGowan’s claims just ahead of the release of her book Brave, claiming that the sexual encounter was consensual.

“They’ll make me seem crazy for saying it. But you know what? It snowed yesterday in New York and you can’t tell me it didn’t,” McGowan said Wednesday in reaction to Weinstein’s statement. “And I saw it. It’s true. It’s the same equivalent. It’s called gaslighting. And it’s been going on to women and men and society, all of us.”

In the wake of allegations about Harvey Weinstein, the actress has taken to Twitter – but she’s been pushing for this conversation for years. Watch below.

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