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Rob Kardashian Testifies Blac Chyna ‘Tried to Kill Me,’ Gets Upset When Challenged With Video

The sole Kardashian brother told jurors that he met Blac Chyna during his “lowest point” and that their relationship was a sham for the cameras

Rob Kardashian Testifies Blac Chyna 'Tried to Kill Me,' Gets Upset When Challenged With VideoRob Kardashian Testifies Blac Chyna 'Tried to Kill Me,' Gets Upset When Challenged With Video

Television personality Rob Kardashian attends the Sky Beach Club at the Tropicana Las Vegas on May 28, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

abe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Rob Kardashian, the admittedly reclusive younger brother of Kim Kardashian, made a rare public appearance in a Los Angeles courtroom Wednesday and claimed his ex-fiancé Blac Chyna “tried to kill” him during a wild fight in 2016 that allegedly included a gun to his head, strangulation with an iPhone cord and a “beating” with a 6-foot metal rod.

The sole Kardashian son, 35, started off slow, telling jurors he was at his “weakest, lowest point” when he started dating Chyna in 2016 after spending time in the hospital related to his diabetes. He said the relationship, which quickly hit warp speed, was mostly fueled by Chyna’s quest for celebrity, “not real love.”

Describing the blowout fight on Dec. 15, 2016 that’s now at the center of Chyna’s defamation claims against his mom Kris Jenner and sisters Khloé and Kim Kardashian and youngest sibling Kylie Jenner, Rob claimed Chyna was drunk, high and relentless. He claimed Chyna pointed a gun at his head in the kitchen, then again in a bedroom, wrapped an iPhone cord around his neck and broke down a door to beat him with a metal rod in a bedroom and its closet.

“She landed several blows to my body, my face, my back. Yeah, there were several,” he testified Wednesday, saying with each new stage of Chyna’s alleged “violent attack,” he simply weathered the blows and tried to “remove” himself from the situation without fighting back.

“She tried to kill me,” he said at one point, with mom Kris and sister Kim watching in the courtroom gallery.

Rob, who’s due to face a separate “revenge porn” trial next month over naked photos of Chyna he posted on his Instagram account in July 2017, then turned visibly agitated when Chyna’s lawyer confronted him on the witness stand with photos and videos in which he had no apparent marks on his face and neck in the days immediately following the Dec. 15 fight.

One video shown to jurors depicted Rob visiting his dentist on Dec. 16, 2016, the next day, smiling and appearing uninjured with Chyna by his side. The video was shot by the production company behind the Rob & Chyna reality show. Rob testified that while he had scratches and marks on his body, he didn’t sustain any bruises to his face, and whatever minor marks he had on his neck shortly after the fight were no longer visible.

“You testified under oath that Chyna hit you in the face with a 6-foot metal rod, and yet you’re saying it didn’t leave a mark of any kind on your face?” Chyna’s lawyer Lynne Ciani asked.

“Correct,” Rob responded.

“Did you have as much as a Band-Aid on you after this alleged severe beating by Chyna?” Ciani asked.

“No, I didn’t need a Band-Aid on my face, which I already testified to. I had no mark on my face,” he replied, appearing to lose his patience.

“How did you not have a mark on your face?” the lawyer asked, incredulous.

“Because it didn’t leave a mark. I’m just confused. I just told you it didn’t leave a mark on my face. And you have three different pictures to prove that. And I’m trying to tell you it did not leave a mark on my face,” he responded, appearing to get more worked up.

“Right, and I’m trying to…” Ciani continued before Rob cut her off.

“The gun to my head two different times in the night didn’t leave a mark to my temple. The cord around my neck, I’m sure it left a mark around my neck. It doesn’t mean I’m going to go to the hospital and put a Band-Aid around my neck,” Rob responded.

When Ciani tried to switch the topic back to the metal rod, Rob cut her off again.

“I never said I had bruises and marks all over my face. You’re acting like the thing didn’t happen. Everything I testified to happened. She strangled me. She put a gun to my head, twice. She was on cocaine and alcohol. She has a history of doing this to her ex-baby daddy. She has a history of doing this type of thing,” he said.

“Stop putting it out there like that. It’s not fair,” he demanded.

Rob was called to the witness stand by Chyna’s lawyer on the seventh day of a trial accusing Kris, Kim, Khloé and Kylie of defaming Chyna and interfering with her contract to film a second season of Rob & Chyna.

In her testimony last week, Chyna told jurors she and Rob were celebrating at home together the night of Dec. 14, 2016 after E! released a press release saying Season Two of their show had been picked up by the E! network. She testified that she was being “silly” with Rob, throwing money around, picking up an unloaded gun and placing an iPhone cord to his neck in lighthearted bids for his attention. She testified that Rob later stole her cell phone in a fit of jealousy and locked himself in a room with it, refusing to give it back.

The 33-year-old model and influencer admitted she smashed a gingerbread house, a television set and a door in the Hidden Hills, California mansion owned by Kylie because she was frustrated and wanted her phone. She was adamant she never physically abused Rob. She said it was true she moved out of the house hours after the confrontation, but she testified she still considered herself engaged to Rob and spent time with him over the holidays and into the New Year, filming scenes for Season Two and parenting the couple’s newborn daughter Dream.

In her underlying lawsuit filed in November 2017, Chyna claims that Kris, Khloé, Kim and Kylie conspired to kill the second season of Rob & Chyna with defamatory claims that she battered Rob during the Dec. 15 fight and was generally abusive in what they called the couple’s “fake” and “toxic” relationship.

Kris’ boyfriend Corey Gamble testified Tuesday that he raced over to the house the morning of the fight and witnessed Chyna toss something resembling a rod to the ground before punching Rob several times.

On Wednesday, when Ciani showed jurors a SnapChat video of Rob smiling and celebrating New Year’s Eve 2016 with Chyna at a steakhouse, two weeks after the alleged attack, she asked Rob if the seemingly happy social media post reflected “a good time.”

“No,” Rob responded. “I have social anxiety. I’m very insecure with my body. I gained a lot of weight. I don’t like to leave the house because it upsets me, and she forced me to come up out the house, said she’d pick me up. And of course, I’m just trying to keep it cool. It’s New Years, so I went to dinner, and that was that. But I wasn’t happy, to answer the question.”

Rob testified the relationship was based on a lie, from the beginning.

“When you became engaged to Chyna, were you in love with her?” Ciani asked.

“No, that engagement was just all for her to pitch a television show to networks the next day. That’s not even my character. I don’t even take selfies, let alone a selfie with her in a car going to a strip club, you know, somewhere where she was getting paid. It’s just going to bring more money to her to get a TV show the next day,” he said.

“You said you were obviously with her, engaged to Chyna, but your testimony is that you didn’t love her?” Ciani continued.

“Not real love,” Rob said. “I have a child with her. It wasn’t a mistake. Things did happen quickly, but my child was not born out of spite, but it was never a real type of love, or else we would have been married.”


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