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Ricky Gervais and Jimmy Fallon Run Amok During ‘Word Sneak’

British comedian recommends you check out his new favorite Irish pub, ‘Shaquille O’Neal’s’

Ricky Gervais’ delightful cackle was roaring at full volume during a game of “Word Sneak” with Jimmy Fallon on Monday’s Tonight Show. The game where host and guest casually try to slip certain words into conversation started out silly, but quickly devolved into absolute ridiculousness.

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Gervais put on a skeptical front to start the game, complaining about all the absurd things Fallon makes him do whenever he visits (last time he had to pretend he had fake arms in a soap opera), and now, he pointed out, the green room only had breadsticks and cheese! While the comedian almost snuck the former snack past Fallon, the host quickly picked up on it and the game was afoot. Fallon explained the breadsticks were for the Duck Dynasty guys, the ones with the beards and “mullets,” while Gervais, in classic form, brought up Richard Gere to not-so-casually squeeze “gerbil” into the conversation (referencing this nasty little rumor).

Things started falling apart when Fallon asked Gervais if he’d had a chance to visit a pub during his visit: “Yeah, I went to an Irish pub. Do you know it? Shaquille O’Neal’s.” After Fallon wasn’t able to slip “Spanx” by Gervais, the comedian kept things blunt with his next word, saying, “Jimmy, nip-slip.” And to close it all off, we all now know what nickname Fallon’s given his penis: “Keanu Reeves.”

For more “Word Sneak” foolishness, be sure to check out Bryan Cranston’s go at the game, which came to a screeching halt when the extraordinary actor tripped over the word “Badonkadonk,” mouthing to the camera, “I don’t know what that is,” as Fallon cracked up.


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