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Nancy Pelosi Talks RNC, USPS, Kenosha on ‘Colbert’

House Speaker pushes back at “Trojan horse” conspiracy theories: “To their peril, they underestimate Joe Biden”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discussed the RNC, the USPS, the George Floyd Justice and Policing Act and more on The Late Show Wednesday.

As Pelosi noted, her virtual visit with Stephen Colbert was taking place amid a pandemic, protests in Wisconsin and elsewhere following another police shooting of a black man, a potentially devastating hurricane, wildfires in Pelosi’s California and an NBA strike, as well as the Republican National Convention. “It’s a very prayerful time,” Pelosi said. “So sad.”

Pelosi first noted the differences between the Democratic National Convention and the grim RNC, and then tackled the seemingly RNC-backed conspiracy theory that Biden is a Trojan horse for Pelosi, who will push forth a more liberal agenda.

“To their peril, they underestimate Joe Biden. He’s going to be a great President of the United States. He has a vision for our country which is very positive. Respectful of the dignity and worth of every person. He has knowledge of the issues, which is something they are also lacking — knowledge and judgment. He always thinks in a strategic way how to get things done,” Pelosi said. “But what’s really important is what’s in his heart. His authenticity, his connection, his empathy for the American people is something that they probably wouldn’t even recognize, could never identify with, and are very different from Joe Biden on.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the House Speaker talked about the George Floyd Justice and Policing Act — which would help reduce police brutality and already passed through Pelosi’s chambers — and how Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is refusing to consider the bill. She also discussed the protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin and the death of two protestors there by a 17-year-old shooter.

“Jacob Blake was shot seven times for something — well, when you saw it, it didn’t seem as if there was any justification for it. Especially in front of his children — so that provoked a reaction,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi also criticized Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, who she called a “henchman” for Donald Trump. “He’s there to dismantle the postal service so that it has an impact affecting vote-by-mail,” Pelosi said. “But at the same time what they’re doing is slowing down prescription drugs going to our veterans, slowing down social security checks, slowing down mail that our seniors and all of our people depend on. They’ve really hit a nerve, and they’ll pay a price for it. And that’s why this election is so important.”


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