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Natalie Portman Is Spot-On as Eleven in SNL’s ‘Stranger Things’ Sketch

Fans noticed similarities between Portman and Millie Bobby Brown as early as show’s summer 2016 premiere; watch spoof of “Lost Sister” episode

Natalie Portman capitalized on her considerable physical resemblance to Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown Saturday when she transformed into the character Eleven for a memorable Saturday Night Live skit.

Portman acted opposite SNL cast member Mikey Day as an extra-horny version of Finn Wolfhard’s Mike Wheeler in a faux scene from Netflix’s Stranger Things 3 – one reminiscent of the much-maligned “Lost Sister” episode from season two, when Eleven briefly falls in with a gang of Chicago punks, all of them imbued with special powers.

“C’mon, Mike. It’s safe in here,” Portman-as-Eleven told Day-as-Mike as they huddled in a seemingly abandoned room, where they encountered a few characters claiming to have secret powers.

Portman’s Eleven boasted that she could move objects with her mind, even though “it gives [her] tiny nose bleeds.” To that, someone named Fourteen (Beck Bennett) appeared, telling the pair that he “can start fires with [his] mind but every time [he] do[es], he throws up “a little bit in my mouth.”

Other odd superpowers included one woman who can read people’s minds, though it makes her fart (Cecily Strong), a man who can make chili but bleeds from the brain everytime he does so (Bobby Moynihan) and a woman who is 50 (Leslie Jones).

“I’m 50. I’m just 50 years old,” Jones said in character. “I have good credit, I own my own condo and I can leg press 375. So take that, ya dumb kids.”

Watch the clip above to see what other odd characters Eleven and Mike Wheeler encountered.


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