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Jimmy Kimmel Makes Mock TV Ad After New Stormy Daniels Revelation

Late night host makes bid for first NDA-free interview after Trump’s lawyer admits paying $130,000 out of pocket

Jimmy Kimmel is reveling in the latest development in the Stormy Daniels saga after President Trump’s lawyer revealed Tuesday that he personally paid the porn star and alleged mistress, which would make her NDA void.

“This might be the best of all. This might be lie No. 1,” Kimmel said during his opening monologue Wednesday night. “President Trump’s lawyer told The New York Times that he paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 out of his own pocket and it had nothing to do with Trump. He was not reimbursed by the president or the Trump campaign. He says he made a private transaction and would not comment on whose privates were transacted on.”

Kimmel also harped on the fact that Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, refused to divulge important details about the exchange, including why he made the payment or whether he has made similar payments to any other people over the years.

“This story is so unbelievable – I mean, the part about Trump not paying him back is believable – but what kind of an idiot would believe that his lawyer decided to pay a porn star more than $100,000 for no reason?” Kimmel said. “They didn’t have sex? He just decided to give her money? If it wasn’t for this ad he runs on local TV, this wouldn’t make any sense at all.”

Kimmel then ran a faux TV spot featuring a fake lawyer trying to attract new clients with some pretty nonsensical statements.

“Have you never had sex with a porn star? Then you need a lawyer to give that porn star large amounts of cash. Not your own cash, his own cash,” the pitchman said. “Michael Cohen is the leader in giving porn stars money for no reason at all.”

In conclusion, Kimmel pointed out that Cohen’s recent revelation means something very interesting for late night: if Cohen was the one who paid her off, then her NDA is no longer binding.

“Her manager said, ‘Everything’s off the table now and Stormy’s going to tell her story,'” Kimmel said. “Hopefully to me!”


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