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Jennifer Lawrence, Fallon Plead ‘Come Dance With Us’ on ‘Tonight’

Guest, host play bespectacled ravers with nonsensical moves like “Check the Door,” “Bowling Confetti”

Jennifer Lawrence and Jimmy Fallon hocked all the latest dance crazes in a goofy Tonight Show sketch in which they played two small-mouthed, bespectacled rave kids with their own 3 a.m. QVC infomercial, “Come Dance With Us!”

The bit found Lawrence and Fallon dashing back-and-forth between the desk and a side-stage where they slapped on outrageous outfits and wigs (in Fallon’s case, a flowing Skrillex mane) and busted out very literal moves like the “Bury the Nut,” “Lunch Box Salute,” “Bowling Confetti” and their favorite, “Check the Door.”

The nonsense continued back at the desk where, breathless, Fallon and Lawrence coughed and laughed through their own amazement and incredulity at the “clips.”

“I thought these tapes were gonna take off — first of all, they’re tapes, and no one buys tapes any more,” Fallon joked. “Their heart was in the right place, but those dances weren’t normal.”

“No, and they really seem very focused on checking the door,” Lawrence astutely noted.

Fallon then cued up the final “tape,” in which the ravers made one last swift-footed appeal to come dance with them by unleashing a whopping seven moves in 20 seconds. Expect to see “Brow Brow Chicken Cow,” “Slurp the Soup,” “That Doesn’t Sound Anything Like Him” and, of course, “Check the Door” on a dance floor near you, soon.

The “Come Dance With Us” bit has its roots in a Tonight Show appearance Lawrence made last May, where she and Fallon recounted a failed prank they tried to play on Jennifer Lopez at a party. Several Jell-O shots deep, the pair had schemed to approach Lopez, spin, extend their arms and say, “Dance with us!” But mid-twirl Fallon caught the eye of Lopez’s manager, who motioned to him to quit it, leaving Lawrence high and dry.

Lawrence, nevertheless insisted the offer still stood, telling Lopez in that mush-mouthed voice to take some Jell-O shots and, “Dance with us!” 


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